The Clark EP

by Sister City

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Our third release in 2008, The Clark EP came out on December 18, 2008. Each song features a professional string quartet. I composed the parts for each song and the amazing musicians in the QX String Quartet were kind enough to record them. My friend Tom Hamill played the electric guitar on the third track, "Song of the Part-Time Insomniac."


released December 18, 2008




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Sister City Maryland

Sister City — who cares, right? Well, Adam Linder, Daniel Abzug, John Gamble, and Joe Wolfe. They play in the band, so they probably don't count. How about the discerning dozens of people who enjoy Sister City’s blend of indie rock and punk? Yes, they definitely care. They can’t get enough of the razor-sharp lyrics, the intertwining guitars, and the frenetic drums. I’ve had enough of this bio. ... more

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Track Name: Red Eyes
Wake up red eyes
Your friends say you're a vampire
No one laughs
Cause jokes aren't funny when they're true
You dad is pacing
Your mom's been crying
Your phone's been ringing
It's your grandma from out of state
She heard that something's wrong
She wants to make sure you're okay

You've been so distant
You gave up bathing
If you still talked
You'd say you can't stand feeling clean
Cause it reminds you
Of why you used to
Care in the first place
If you looked a certain way
But it doesn't matter now
Soon your clothes won't fit
At the rate you're losing weight

There's a stranger in your bed
He's kicked you out of your own head
And he thinks about the reason
That you're stuck as someone else
Every painful hour that you're awake
So sleep turns into your escape

All the people
With their solutions
Want to help you
You know they're on your side
But what they don't get is
It's not that easy
You fell so hard that
You've broken all your bones
So you can't pick yourself up
It's out of your control
You wish they'd leave
But listen red eyes, you can't do this alone

There's a stranger in your bed
He's kicked you out of your own head
And he thinks about the reason
That you're stuck as someone else
Every painful hour that you're awake
So sleep turns into your escape

Wake up red eyes
Wake up red eyes
Wake up red eyes
Wake up...
Track Name: A Manageable Mortgage
Everyone is listening
And I'm out of tune again
Everyone has something to say
But I do not listen to them

There are days I feel disjointed
There are days I feel alive
In the days between, I will stage a scene
Where I lie, lie, lie

My mouth is always working
To cover up my mind
If it does its best not to stop to rest
We should all coexist just fine

Now I'm living day to day again
I almost feel at home
I've perfected how to withdraw to myself
So in crowds, I feel alone

We've all got weaker branches
We've all seen their leaves die
The wind will blow, with a crack they'll go
They will break from us in time

My feet are always moving
To cover for my mouth
If they do their best not to stop to rest
I'll be burning up back south
My pen's the better fighter
It keeps me off my feet
It puts the words I sing into my mouth
And it keeps my mind at peace
Track Name: Song of the Part-Time Insomniac
I certainly would forgive you
For thinking I'm asleep
I've been tossing and turning all night
On a pattern of stripes
And a rickety boxspring
And I see a confession of daylight
As the sun claims a colorful sky
To a nocturnal mind, it's a beautiful sight
It makes me dizzy

I've counted the tiles in the ceiling
I could draw you the cracks in the pipes
I consider myself an expert obvserver
With bags under bloodshot eyes
I'm getting a bit too comfortable
Having chemicals running the night
But in poetry and prose
The precedent shows
You have to hit bottom
Before you start feeling alright

So wish me some sweet dreams
Recurring and happy
And read me a story
Like it's all I have left
And turn all the lights out
Like you're keeping a secret
Or joke there's no reason to be up this late

I'm worried I'm slowly regressing
To a sad, angry shell of myself
I will fashion this room
To a comfortable tomb
Just you watch me
I'm forgetting the basics
Of sleeping and waking
And making sense out of the world
Cause I haven't seen daylight this week
And I'm far too tired to sleep

Delusions are stones
We have already thrown
And have sunk to the bottom of oceans
But the time on the clock
Seems to float to the top
To wreck havoc on human emotion

I awoke with a start
With my hand on my heart
It's was beating, so I'm sure i'm alive
A conclusion I can be unsure of
From time to time