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There's been a moth kamikazeing my light for days
And at first I condescended, now I think it’s brave
I'm seeing symbols I cannot explain

Every thought stops just before it hits my brain
So every soft spot's safe from every tiny strain
So I never look for fractures in the frame

Like caveats to every single cemetery plot
Cause added up the sum of everything you've done
Is only equal to the weight on both your aching shoulder blades
The trophy case of accolades, the china and the dinner plates
The praises slurred, but never heard
Despite each crafted triumph of a word

Let's get some music in this mausoleum
Let's make a mockery of meaning
A moratorium on ceilings
Like any one of us could grow remotely tall enough

These bodies of ours they will break
These bodies of ours they will break
These bodies of ours they will break
So it’s a race to pry your way to something great

I naively believed I could stay
On the sly, on the right side of fate
But I coughed and it gave me away

It said “That body of yours it will break
And your family is laying awake
You had time you decided to waste
So this is you now”
I said “fine, I believe you, okay…”

Sure, there's a compromise in every pair of open eyes
It's just that if you focus on it ninety-nine percent of the time you’ll find
There are certain things that cannot be sustained
There are things you’ll understand, and things you’ll plan, and seeds you’ll plant
There are things you’ll make and things you’ll change
But go ahead, concentrate on the couple things you can’t


from Swan Dive, released September 13, 2016




Sister City Maryland

Baltimore / Philadelphia tenuous punkish kinda indie rockish

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